Yamuna Body Rolling®

YBR is a training method that - depending on the application - is performed with special balls that have different sizes and consistencies. With the help of the balls, you will learn to let go your weight while balancing, which requires the use of the deep-lying muscle chain and consistently develops it. Constant exercise ensures muscle tone, great muscular elasticity and flexibility in the movements. Thus, the weight bearing work also contributes to stimulate the increase in bone density.

Methodology and benefits
The principle of the exercises is to follow a particular sequence that leads from bone to tendon to muscle.
First, you work on the bone to stimulate blood flow. Gradually, the ball moves from the bone to the tendon, which, thanks to the blood flow, more easily relaxes and lengthens. From the tendon, the ball is directed to the muscle, which is now ready to regain length and elasticity and release any tension.
Stress work is a very important exercise for the bone tissue and especially helps to prevent osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. (more)

Yamuna Save Face

Yamuna Face follows the principle of Yamuna Body Rolling, lying with the neck sustained by a softer ball, you perform routine in your face with a smaller ball with silk quality.

Yamuna Face offer a proactive solution to the effects of repetitive stress and sustained tension by stimulating and aligning bones, activating muscles, increasing circulation and tone, and reverse the effects of gravity.


  • improves circulation, bone quality, alignment, skin and muscle tone;
  • reduces eye strain and tension;
  • relives sinus headache;
  • improves TMJ issues.

Yamuna Foot Fitness

Everyone should take care of his feet. Yamuna Foot Fitness (YFF) has developped a simple, fast and precise routine that can be used at any age to improve and maintain foot health.

YFF helps to prevent and treat common foot complaints like:

  • Hallux Valgus of the big and the little toe;
  • Countersunk, spread, flat or hollow feet;
  • Hammer toes;
  • Tension of the sole, Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

The Yamuna Foot Session starts with the foot test. This simple test allows one to assess the ability to judge oneself by using every part of the foot. The routine then leads to work specifically on the outer edge, centerline and inner edge. After you have learned to work along these three lines, a second test will help you to see how quickly you can correct your own posture. You'll literally be taller if your own foot muscles support you. After only a few practice sessions you can train independently at home.

Yamuna Foot Wakers are designed to increase flexibility, restore mobility to the foot bones, promote muscle tone and blood flow, and "get the shoes off your feet". They revive the feet so they move as they should.

Yamuna Foot Savers stimulate the bones, eliminate the effect of the constant impact of the foot bones and stimulate the reflex points of the foot (which in turn stimulates the organs). Working with Foot Savers is more specific than walking with Foot Wakers and has as its central goal to align the ankles of the feet. (Tight shoes, worn for years, cause the ankles to be squeezed together. Foot Savers help stretch them and return them to their natural position.)

Yamuna create the Sole heelers for dancers, athletes and women but at the end evrybody can profit by this tool that raise the heels and push them back creating space and so giving the possibility to realign the feet where needed. Working the toes on the Heelers create strenght and tone in both flexor and extensor.